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Documents Needed For Your DBE Certification Application

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DBE Documents

Documents you will need to gather for your DBE Certification Application:

  1. The business tax returns for the last three years.

  2. Personal tax returns for any business owners for the last three years.

  3. County and/or municipal occupational licenses or Business Tax Receipts.

  4. Copies of any professional licenses.

  5. Detailed resume of all owners or list of all employment for the past 10 years.

  6. Corporation Official Articles of Incorporation

  7. Photo Id for all owners (Driver’s license).

  8. Proof of citizenship or residency for all owners. (Copy of passport).

  9. Leases or sublease for the business.

  10. Any leases for business equipment.

  11. Amount of mortgage on your home. Information regarding bank including address, loan number outstanding balance.

  12. Balance of any credit card or other consumer loans. Name of banks, address etc.

  13. Copy of a cancelled company check

  14. Amount of funds in any investment accounts or bank accounts.

  15. Number of part-time and full time employees.

  16. Owners’ home phone #, cell phone #, & company fax #

  17. What did you use to start the company? County will want to see a copy of the first check deposited in the bank account.

  18. Do you use an outside firm for management or payroll? If yes, name of company and contact information.

  19. What were the Company’s three largest contracts over the past 3 years? For each, I need the name of the owner, location of the company, type of work performed and the dollar value of the contract.

  20. What are the three largest contracts you are currently working. For each, I need the name of the owner, location of the company, type of work performed, the dollar value of the contract, the project start date and the anticipated completion date.

  21. Year end balance sheets for the company for the past three years.

  22. Bank authorization and signatory cards.

The above is only a partially list of the items that a reviewer will scrutinize. For a full evaluation of your DBE application prior to submission, contact the DBE program specialists at DBE Direct at (786) 390-5709.

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