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  • Checklist: Questions To Ask Your DBE Certification Consultant

  • Why Choosing The Wrong Service Provider Can Cost You

  • How Long Does It Take To Get DBE Certified

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Contracts available for companies with a DBE Certification!


Contracts for businesses that are DBE certified are always available because government entities which receive funding from the Department of Transportation (DOT), the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), the Federal Transit Administration (FTA) and the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) are required to make contracts available to companies with a DBE certification. All state and local government entities who are recipients of funds from the FAA and FTA must have a DBE program if they plan to award contracts exceeding $250,000. All recipients of Federal FHWA funds must have a DBE program regardless of projected contract amounts.

Why should you obtain your DBE Certification?

In order for the entities who receive funding from the Department of Transportation to continue receiving those funds they must show that they have awarded contracts to companies who are DBE certified. Each year these government entities must set a goal for utilizing DBE certified firms on their projects. The end result is that there is a demand for DBE certified firms.

Both the government agencies who set the goals and the non-DBE prime contractors that they hire are actively looking for companies with a DBE certification in order to meet their required goals. These government entities and the larger non-DBE firms with which they contract must use the services of DBE certified companies to fulfill their requirements with the Department of Transportation.

Why businesses hire us to complete their DBE certification application.

  1. To Save Time – Unless you have some experience with the DBE certification process, it may take you several weeks to complete your DBE application. Having your DBE certification application returned for errors just once can cost you months delay. The sooner you obtain your DBE certification the sooner you can begin bidding on contracts for your business.

  2. Get It Right The First Time – The majority of self prepared DBE certification applications are returned for one reason or the other. We have prepared numerous DBE certification applications from various states and know exactly what each program in the various states require. The requirements list for the DBE certification application is quite long. We make sure that every document and requirement is met before we send out your DBE application.

  3. Avoid Having Your DBE Certification Application Denied – When applying for your DBE Certification it is important that you avoid having your DBE Application denied. The DBE certification program has a number of regulations which when not followed by the applicant can cause the DBE Application to be denied. When reviewing your application the reviewer will go through a checklist. Missing just one document or providing improper documentation can cause your application to be denied. Once your application is denied you will have 90 days to file an appeal which will cost you time and money. The appeal must be done in the exact manner outlined by the DBE program. Before we begin your DBE application we perform a complete analysis of you and your business to make sure you qualify for the DBE certification program.

  4. Post DBE Certification Support – What happens after you receive your DBE certification? Obtaining your DBE Certification is only the first step in this process. As a practicing government contracts attorney I help my clients on a daily basis deal with the ins and outs of government contracts. Once you have your DBE certification you will need a trusted adviser who can help you. I make myself available to all of my DBE certification clients in helping them deal with obtaining and retaining government contracts.

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Contact a DBE Certification attorney at DBE Direct regarding any DBE certification matters. Our DBE certification attorneys can be reached by phone at (786) 390-5709 or fill out our Instant Access form. We are ready to help you obtain your DBE certification.

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